Walking champ, eggs, and Zelda.

So yesterday we left Wallys to head to our manager Doug Weber’s house. We hung out, talked about some things. He bought us some amazing pizza. Sadly I failed at taking a picture of the pizza.. but I assure you it was incredible. Anyway, here’s a picture of Doug.


That’s his dog, Champ. He barks. The dog.. not Doug.

We left there to head to one of Chases friends house and we crashed. We woke up to breakfast. I had toast, eggs, and a donut. :)


We’re here at Recher Theater in Baltimore now. We’re about to set up our gear. The only other eventful thing that has happened is that I got retweeted by the Legend of Zelda. Here is a picture.


Until next blog!

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  1. 7:10 pm, July 24, 2012Doug Weber  / Reply

    Damn that picture is 8 years old guess you found it on my facebook.

  2. 10:54 am, August 27, 2016Alojamiento web  / Reply

    Casting your eyes to the middle award you’ll see it’s shaped like Zelda’s Rupee currency, and was apparently handed out to an individual “for most bushes cut and pot s smashed”.

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